Civic and volunteer experience:

New Jersey Coast Section, IEEE

The New Jersey Coast Section of the IEEE is a geographic unit comprising Monmouth and Ocean Counties, NJ. I currently hold two roles within the section and have served in two others:
  • In 2021, I was elected Section Secretary. This role entailed keeping of the minutes at the monthly Executive Committee meetings, as well as serving on the Executive Committee and chairing meetings when the Chair and Vice Chair are not present. It also entailed correspondence with various officers and staff at Region and Corporate headquarters to ensure best practices are kept. This position expired at the end of 2022.
  • In 2019, I was designated the Chapter Treasurer for the Instrumentation and Measurement / Computer Joint Chapter, one of the largest Chapters in the Section. The term for this role expired at the end of 2022.
  • In 2018, I was designated Webmaster and Computer Administrator of the Section. This role entails updates and maintenance for over fifteen websites on four different platforms; coordination with the IEEE central historical website and the IEEE headquarters data repository using Tableau; and ensuring that officer and unit positions are maintained in the IEEE database.

Media Chairperson and Member, Board of Directors
SpiralHeart, Inc.
A 501 (c) (3) Religious Education organization
2003-2006 and 2011-2012

For 10+ years, I supported a section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission of enhancing spirituality through encounters with nature. Six of those years (SpiralHeart tries to rotate leadership positions) were as chairperson of the Media committee.

As Director of Media Services, I played an important role in several functions including project design, budgeting, management, planning and coordination both as team leader for media as well as a team member of the board of directors. In particular, I supported media-related activities such as marketing, advertising, e-mail, informational flyers, and Web-based communications including social media, and fundraising.

Over the entire period of 2001 - 2012, both in and out of my directorship position. I held the roles of:
In addition, starting in 2003 as a SpiralHeart duty and continuing to 2015 after leaving active participation in that group, I was the webmaster for, a site containing information and retreat schedules for like-minded groups. At the start, I was the only person maintaining it, but I developed a cooperative and collaborative team structure spanning three continents (Australia, Europe, and North America.)

Shop Steward
Local 54, H.E.R.E.I.U.
Six Flags Great Adventure
Jackson, NJ

For six years I served as a seasonal Shop Steward for Local 54 of the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees at Six Flags Great Adventure. It gave me insights into labor-management relations, and how - with a little work and understanding on both sides - it can foster greater returns both for the employer and the employees.

I also observed how bad things can be without an employee representative; a few months after I moved into management, I heard comments from staff clerical and supervisors about all the weird complaints they were getting from employees, causing rancor on both sides. The union had not gotten a volunteer to step up to my Shop Steward position, and the knowledgeable buffer - myself - between employer and employed was missing, wasting valuable employer time.

Member, Parish Liturgy Committee
St. Veronica Church
Howell, NJ

I served for several years, mainly as a teenager, on the St. Veronica Parish Liturgy Committee (the youngest member other than myself was one of the priests.) I aided planning major holy day events, ecumenical services, and general monthly aspects of liturgical operations,

Other Civic Activities